Upcoming Dates for the New Year!

As we wrap up the 2nd 9 weeks at CMS, the School Counseling Dept. would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Staff and students alike are looking forward to some much needed time off.

In thinking ahead to the new year, the School Counseling Dept. will be conducting course registration for all grade levels beginning in January. The new Programs of Study 18-19 are ready and each student will receive his/her own copy. Once registration is complete, a copy of the course requests will be sent home for a parent signature.

The spring semester will also include Freshmen Transition activities that include an 8th grade field trip to Caroline High School. Students will get a tour of the building and have a chance to learn more about the clubs and organizations that are offered (to be held in February).

And finally, our department makes arrangements in the spring every year with each elementary school to have their 5th graders come over for a tour of CMS. It’s a great time for our rising Eagles to see the building! We also schedule a parent night for rising Eagle parents to come learn more about CMS.

We are looking forward to a great spring semester! Enjoy the Christmas Break!


PSAT 8/9 Date Change

Good Morning Parents and Students!

This year we have the opportunity to offer to our 8th graders the chance to take the PSAT 8/9! It’s free of charge to the student and will be given during school hours on Thursday, November 9 (originally scheduled for November 2).

This is a great way to know what areas you excel in and what areas you need to work on prior to going to the High School! Email Dr. Burruss at jburruss@ccps.us or call at 804-633-6561 x4025 with any questions or for more information. You can also contact her for an opt out form.

For more information about the test, visit the website at:




Upcoming Dates!!

  1. October Outreach:     all month long
  2. National Bullying Prevention Month:     all of October
  3. Benchmark testing:            October 5-12
  4. Early Dismissal Day:          October 13
  5. Fall Break, No School         October 16
  6. Report Cards:                      October 20
  7. Career Awareness  Month:  all of November
  8. PSAT 8/9 for 8th graders:  November 2
  9. No school for students:      November 7 (professional development day)
  10. Interim Reports:                 November 16
  11. CMS Annual Career Day:    November 17

October is Bullying Prevention Month

Every October Caroline Middle School observes National Bullying Prevention Month. Eliminating bullying means no more aggression, intimidation or harassment.  It also means a safer learning environment where teaching is more effective. Some key thoughts to remember about bullying and how it has school wide implications:

  1. Bullying is disrespectful and is maintained by attention from recipients, bystanders, and peers.
  2. Everyone in the school should have a strategy that stops attending to and acknowledging bullying.  When someone is not respectful, ask them to stop. Don’t allow bullying to be rewarded.
  3. Students should report bullying and speak up if they see it happen. School officials can make sure it is addressed.

Portions of this post were taken from:

Bullying and Harassment Prevention in Positive Behavior Support: Expect Respect, (2013) University of Oregon. 

October Outreach–It’s Here!

October Outreach is Here!! Want to know more? See the link below for a 2 minute video. Ask yourself–What can I do?


Take the October Outreach Challenge Today!!   Forms are distributed through Eagle Hour!! Earn your Pathways 2022 bracelet!!

Important Dates and Reminders

Classroom Guidance: Throughout September

Interim Reports: Sept. 14

Picture Day: Sept. 20

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Sept. 26 3-7 pm

Benchmark Testing: Oct. 5-Oct. 12

Fall Break (No School!): Oct. 16

Report Cards: Oct. 20

September is Attendance Awareness Month!!

Parents and Students…..

DID YOU KNOW?   Frequent absences from school can be devastating to a student’s future. The effects start early and spiral dramatically over time.

  • Children who are chronically absent in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade are much less likely to read on grade level by the third grade.

  • Students who can’t read at grade level by the third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school.

  • By high school, regular attendance is a better dropout indicator than test scores.

  • A student who is chronically absent in any year between the eighth and twelfth grade is seven times more likely to drop out of school.

School attendance is so important–even during the elementary years. Students have to be in the good habit of attending school regularly. Make sure your child has good attendance!

CCPS School Counseling Information Letter

Dear CMS Parents,

Below you should find the annual letter that briefly discusses the county wide school counseling program and the procedure for opting out of services. Please feel free to call your child’s grade level school counselor if you have any questions.

6th grade: Ms. Hayek, 633-6561   x4026  chayek@ccps.us

7th grade: Mr. Parker, 633-6561   x4024       dwparker@ccps.us

8th grade: Dr. Burruss, 633-6561 x4025     jburruss@ccps.us

K – 12 School Counseling Services

Parental Notification

Caroline County Public Schools Counseling Program is designed to meet the needs of all students. Each School’s program is designed to be inclusive, preventive and developmental in nature and based on Standards for School Counseling Programs in Virginia Public Schools.  These standards are designed to complement and support the Virginia Standards of Learning and ensure that all students in grades K-12 receive support in academic, career, and personal/social development.

The School Counseling Program also includes responsive services that address students’ immediate needs and concerns.  These services are delivered through prevention and intervention activities.  These needs can be met through individual/small group counseling; consultation with parents, teachers and other educators; and referrals.

A student will meet with the school counselor when he/she requests counseling; parents, teachers, administrators and other school staff members refer the student; and/or the school counselor initiates contact.

Parents have the options to withdraw their child(ren) from all or any portion of the school counseling program by completing an opt-out form obtained from the school office.  This request will be filed in the Student Record and staff advised of student non-participation.  Opt-out requests will not transfer from school to school.  Parents will need to complete an opt-out request form each time a student changes schools and at the beginning of each school year.

The opt-out provision excludes any short duration personal/social counseling which is needed to maintain order, discipline or a productive learning environment; respond to a crisis situation where there exists an immediate threat to the health and safety of the student or others; or follow-up to determine progress with a student who has previously participated in individual or group counseling.

Materials used with students in the School Counseling Program are available for parent review and comment by making arrangements with the school counselor.

For more information regarding the School Counseling Program contact your child(ren)’s individual school.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!!

Greetings students and parents! The School Counseling Dept. at CMS is looking forward to another great school year for 2017-2018! Ms. Hayek, Mr. Parker, and Dr. Burruss have been working together to fine-tune some classroom guidance lessons and run some small groups. More information will be forthcoming.

We look forward to seeing you at our Open House Events. Schedules will be available for pick up then, and schedules will also be mailed the first week of August. Please do not hesitate to contact your school counselor at:

6th grade counselor: Ms. Christine Hayek: chayek@ccps.us; 633-6561

7th grade counselor: Mr. Dwayne Parker: dwparker@ccps.us; 633-6561

8th grade counselor: Dr. Jennifer Burruss: jburruss@ccps.us; 633-6561