Upcoming Dates!!

  1. October Outreach:     all month long
  2. National Bullying Prevention Month:     all of October
  3. Benchmark testing:            October 5-12
  4. Early Dismissal Day:          October 13
  5. Fall Break, No School         October 16
  6. Report Cards:                      October 20
  7. Career Awareness  Month:  all of November
  8. PSAT 8/9 for 8th graders:  November 2
  9. No school for students:      November 7 (professional development day)
  10. Interim Reports:                 November 16
  11. CMS Annual Career Day:    November 17

October is Bullying Prevention Month

Every October Caroline Middle School observes National Bullying Prevention Month. Eliminating bullying means no more aggression, intimidation or harassment.  It also means a safer learning environment where teaching is more effective. Some key thoughts to remember about bullying and how it has school wide implications:

  1. Bullying is disrespectful and is maintained by attention from recipients, bystanders, and peers.
  2. Everyone in the school should have a strategy that stops attending to and acknowledging bullying.  When someone is not respectful, ask them to stop. Don’t allow bullying to be rewarded.
  3. Students should report bullying and speak up if they see it happen. School officials can make sure it is addressed.

Portions of this post were taken from:

Bullying and Harassment Prevention in Positive Behavior Support: Expect Respect, (2013) University of Oregon. 

October Outreach–It’s Here!

October Outreach is Here!! Want to know more? See the link below for a 2 minute video. Ask yourself–What can I do?


Take the October Outreach Challenge Today!!   Forms are distributed through Eagle Hour!! Earn your Pathways 2022 bracelet!!

Important Dates and Reminders

Classroom Guidance: Throughout September

Interim Reports: Sept. 14

Picture Day: Sept. 20

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Sept. 26 3-7 pm

Benchmark Testing: Oct. 5-Oct. 12

Fall Break (No School!): Oct. 16

Report Cards: Oct. 20

September is Attendance Awareness Month!!

Parents and Students…..

DID YOU KNOW?   Frequent absences from school can be devastating to a student’s future. The effects start early and spiral dramatically over time.

  • Children who are chronically absent in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade are much less likely to read on grade level by the third grade.

  • Students who can’t read at grade level by the third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school.

  • By high school, regular attendance is a better dropout indicator than test scores.

  • A student who is chronically absent in any year between the eighth and twelfth grade is seven times more likely to drop out of school.

School attendance is so important–even during the elementary years. Students have to be in the good habit of attending school regularly. Make sure your child has good attendance!